Kamis, 25 Oktober 2012

There Must Be a Balance Between Sciance And Riligion

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Hi guys…
Maybe, you have listened the relationship between religion and knowledge.  
According to you, which one is more important?
Knowledge or science?
According to some of my friends in our Debate Community to night, knowledge is more important than religion, because knowledge is needed much more than religion in this era. More you  have much knowledge,
more people will look for you. More people look for you, more easy for you to be success.
But some other of my friends argue contrastly. They said that religion is more important. Because religion is guide to a right way of life. Without religion people will live in darkness.
If I see from the both opinions above, then I conclude that both of them are important. You must have many knowledge and high religion. Remember! Science without religion is blind and religion without science is lame!!!
So, let’s  find knowledge as many as possible, but, don’t forget! Let’s also learn religion as much as possible!!!

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