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SWEET MEMORY (Simple Past Tense - Assignment)

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I experienced sweet memory when I with my friends had outbond / camp in Badur beach, I felt very happy. We left from my school at six o’clock by car. There we made a group and the members of my group was Holliman, Aprilia and other friends. We played games. When we were free / break time, I ate because I was hungry. After eating I went to swim with myfriends. 
We also enjoyed the panorama, the casuarina tree and the beautiful sky. We took picture with our teacher and my friends. We played volly ball in beach and we looked for fish. We were very happy. 
After swimming, we took a bath to well near Badur beach. We changed our clothes and prayed Dzuhur together on sand with my friends. After that our teacher asked us to interview people of Badur beach. After askeing, we presented what we got. Then we went home together.

By: Imroatun Nadifah
This was my writing for English Class assignment about Simple Past Tense (Grade VIII)

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