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The Beautiful Moon

every night you always illumine this world
but you are not as clear as now
how beautiful you are,
I hope you are never tired illumining this world,
As the never tired of this world hoping your light

You and Moon

The moon behind me
Light me by your sun light
Make me look everything
Around me

It is so wonderful
The moon light me every night
He is never tired even bored

I hope you become my moon
Although have no its own light
he light me using another light

 My heart is with you
(Rika F)

If night come i always look you
Your light is very beautiful
I love you.....

I am right here waiting you 
Because I want you fill this hole in heart
The hole that only you can fill it

Thank you my moon,
You are my best 
And keep being the best

(Alifa K)

moon make me see many things in the dark
moon make me being happy
when my heart is crying
Moon is the gift from Him
That I hope spreading the happiness also to my friends

My lovely moon
(Imroatun N)

When the first I see you
I fell I want you to be mine
When I feel your light
I fell your  light caress me

You give your light to the night world
I want to take you
I want you to be mine, be my light in the night

But, that just a dream, 
yesterday, now and forever
Because I know, 
we can not stay together
I and you are different

My lovely moon
But, although time and space are not ours
we are will be together
although just in the praying

the beautiful moon

I can't describe the beautiful of you
I would like to fly 
visiting you
where you are
I would like to take your light
so that, all of my sadness will loose 
and my heart shines although in the darkness

The Moon
(M Nur Fendi)

I want to be the moon
have no light, but lighting the world
have nothing, but try to be usefull


In the forest I walk alone 
lost in the dark
never know where I go

But, then you comes 
lighting my way
showing my path,

Till every step I take,
I know where it go
It doesn't go to you
but trust me,
it always be with you
and for you

(Nurul K)

the voice of steps.......
sound too slow and soft.........
the wind come filling my hair........
there only moon look and smiling my soul........
let my eyes look soon
when your tear fall in to my palm........
just get it now............
the moon has hold me...........
sweeping  my hurt
taking me to heart

Thank You
(Fiki I)

Nothing I wanna say but thank you,
for your light that is so cool
showing my way when I go
cooling my day when I heat
Thank you

(Abbas A)

Every night you never stop shining me
Although I never shine back for you
I am sorry,
What I can do for you
is just smiling to see you
and putting you into my heart

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